Hello everyone. Welcome to my very first blog. To say I don’t have a clue what I am doing is a complete understatement. So bear with me as I learn how this all works. 

I’m Andy and I trade as stickerbloke. Just wanted to say hello to my followers who may have come here from my Facebook page under the same name Facebook.com/stickerbloke 

As I get used to this I’ll add more content and maybe try and answer any questions that you may have. Whether it be about my designs or future ideas you may wish to see me do. 

I do also design and make stickers for clubs and groups. They don’t have to be big clubs for me to be interested I’ll help with any size. 

Custom designs and work are also undertaken. Just drop me a message via my Facebook page or through here and I’ll see if I can help. 

Well just a short one today to see how this goes. 

In the meantime have a cracking weekend and take care. 

Stickerbloke & Spike

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